• Over 220 shades of freshness
  • 59 different flavours
  • 12 different product lines
Full of natural flavour

How do you squeeze fresh fruit and preserve all the goodness that makes it so tasty and tempting? It is a simple question and one we repeatedly ask ourselves. This is why we pay as much attention to processing technologies as we do to the selection of ingredients. The result is high-quality beverages, full of flavour and freshness. They are created from first-class fruits and vegetables, which are grown and sourced locally whenever possible.

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A range of flavours and quality grades

We offer more than 220 refreshing drinks. You can choose between different quality grades, ranging from premium beverages comparable to freshly squeezed juices, to 100 % fruit and vegetable juices as well as a wide selection of refreshing fruit nectars. Choosing from more than 220 products also means being able to incorporate the specific characteristics of a particular country. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that you will get the best value for money.

Trend – Solution – Innovations

Vita Premium and Gold Premium, comparable to freshly squeezed juices

Highest-quality beverages containing only naturally occurring sugars – no sweeteners or artificial colourings. With their natural flavour and exceptionally high fruit content, it is as though they have been freshly squeezed.

Vita, 100 % fruit and vegetable

The Vita range guarantees beverages made from 100 % natural fruit and vegetables, which are exceptionally rich in flavour and contain only naturally occurring sugars.

Vita Fresh and 100 Fresh&Cool, refreshment with less sugar

A genuine fruit refreshment containing only naturally occurring sugars. Less sugar, fewer calories. Created with an optimal mixing ratio.

Even more refreshment

Our range of beverages is complemented by a wide selection of fruit and carbonated drinks as well as cocktail mixes. We also offer tailor-made beverages upon request.

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